My First Ebay Experience

I never thought that selling on Ebay could be such a headache. A buyer sent me a link to a courier company which was cheaper than the registered post I had on the ad. I was happy to accommodate him and sent the invoice. However, although I’d heard of the company, I decided to double check and look at the reviews. Out of over 1500 ratings, it had achieved 0.9 stars out of 5. So I said to the buyer that I’d try to find a different company. All the cheap ones that he found, and that I found had terrible ratings. I refunded the buyer the money, issued a new invoice with the original postage price and said that it’d be better and safer to use the original postage advertised, even if it’s a little more expensive. At least it would guarantee that the item gets from A to B. He then opened a case against me for ‘non receipt of item’ and got pretty rude in his messages thereafter. I told him that if he wasn’t happy with the original, advertised price of post and packaging, he didn’t have to buy it and that I could refund it and sell it to someone else. He agreed then, but said that he was ‘very, very unhappy about it’. I said ‘well, if you’re not happy, I’m not forcing you to buy it, we can cancel the transaction.’ Curious to see what kind of person I was selling to, I looked him up and found his facebook page. His ‘liked’ pages included ‘Wehrmacht/Waffen SS/Luftwaffe’ where, among other things in the newsfeed, there is a picture of the Fuhrer petting a baby deer (it had 41 likes). Potentially a Neo-Nazi that looks like he might have been dropped on his head as a baby? Just my f*cking luck as a first time seller.

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